Brocade cotton clothing

From haute couture to ready-to-wear, the clothing you choose must reflect your personality, tell your story and give you the adornment of a glamorous and elegant style. No matter what style you are in, the fabric material determines whether you are comfortable or not. Considering natural fibres like cotton, linen, silk, and cashmere are impeccable investments. Also, these sustainably sourced materials would be more relevant when you have sustainability issues in mind when shopping for your clothes.

At Wasulu London, we have sustainability issues in mind like the women who buy our clothes. All pieces of our debut collection are cut out of high quality and durable brocade cotton. We love brocade cotton’s high quality and durability and the way it is neither too shiny nor too stiff. Furthermore, we fall in love with the vibrant colours and beautiful floral print.

We come to work to bring to the wearers of our pieces the energy and glamour diffused through our designs, fabrics, and expert craftsmanship.

Brocade cotton has been crafted impeccably with embroidered embellishments or trimmed with fine guipure details for traditional wear in West Africa for generations. Brocade cotton clothing is symbol of riches, luxe and glamour in West Africa. The West African women and men dressed in their brocade cotton’s attires feel as goddesses and gods. Historically, they kept their traditional wear preciously as jewels and gave them to their children as dowry at their weddings.

We want to bring that feeling from West Africa to the rest of the world through Wasulu London fashion pieces. Our debut collection explore culture, individuality and what it means to belong. 

If you want to make a good investment for comfortable and durable pieces of clothing and try something different, then you should search for Wasulu London’s unique styles. Our styles define diversity in multicultural fashion and turn out to be perfect heirlooms for passing on to the next generations too.