We made the sustainable conscious choice to work with artisans from the Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire) for the production of Wasulu London debut collection.

They crafted all our fashion pieces individually with passion. They are a big contributor to our vision for sustainable fashion. Each of our pieces’ authenticity and uniqueness were expertly crafted by them. 

Our customers can be proud of supporting us in our humble contribution to improve the quality of life of these artisans who work with us from West Africa. Most of them live in places where poverty rates are still high. We pay them rates higher than their local market rates, as beautiful craftmanship can deserve. They all have generations of knowledge behind them.

Our artisan in the photo is Abou Diarra. Abou lives in Abidjan, capital city of Côte d’Ivoire. He’s been a tailor for more than 20 years. His tailoring studio is in Attekoube in the suburb of Abidjan. He’s well known by locals there for beautiful crafts. We thank enormously Abou and his team for their works, generosity and for posing in photos for the purposes of Wasulu London's web store and other media.