Fashion trends 2020

You can visit an expensive couturier or buy off the lavish silhouettes from Haute Couture to get sophisticated and exclusive styles. However, not everyone has the financial means to do so. 

Luckily, recently, the intermixing of fashion from different cultural sides has been rocking the trends. Understandably, the new designers conceive sophisticated dresses' ideas to promote intercultural fashion choices. Thus giving access to unique designs to women, which can easily be styled without burning the pocket.

Though European-centric designs are popular everywhere, the vice-versa hasn’t been in that much frequency as it should have been. However, we can witness a ray of hope in the form of modern, innovative designers who adopt diversified cultures to create fashion. From experimenting with vibrant hues to beautifying floral patterns, the attires of clothing from these designers carve a different niche for themselves. Furthermost, these new designers want to deliver fashion in a different way. We can see the shift in the sustainable fabrics that they use for their clothing's collections, their choices of production's methods. Their pieces are produced in ateliers with small teams.

Just like the innovative new clothing brands, Wasulu London source high quality and durable fabrics that are crafted in small ateliers into fashion pieces.  Our fashion pieces bring out an intriguing combination of multicutural fashion, multiple colors and prints. We design them  for vibrant and sophicaticated women's clothing. The rich, versatile infusion of European and West African influences create glamourous aesthetics and exclusive looks.