Culture sharing - West African Women are examples for glamour and luxe

West African women, use high quality, durable and most exquisite fabrics such as brocade cotton and guipure for their traditional dresses. They like beautiful vibrant dresses with details, patterns and colors. Their traditional dresses are hand sewn impeccably with embroidered embellishments or trimmed with fine guipure details by their local artisans.They make bold statements in their traditional dresses and feel like goddesses in their outfits.

Historically, the west African women kept their traditional dresses preciously as jewels and gave them to their daughters as dowry at their weddings.

We come to work to bring the same feelings of goddesses from the west African women to other women in the world through Wasulu London's designs. Our pieces are modern European clean cuts infused of iconic details seen on the traditional West African styles. They’re rich in colors with a mix of European and African aesthetics that creates glamorous, elegant, and luxurious looks.

Wasulu London authentic and lux-glam silhouettes invoke the same feelings from the West African women in our customers. Our customers feel like they are always in unique pieces created just for them. They could follow West African tradition too and pass their Wasulu London jewels to the next generation because of the high quality and durability of our pieces.

Our muse in the photo is Pinda Diallo. Pinda lives in Abidjan, capital city of Cote D’ivoire. She’s founder and managing director of SNS (Stop Net Service). She established SNS in 2002 in Abidjan and developed it through the years into one of the most successful and prominent recruitment and temporary work companies of West Africa. We thank her enormously for her generosity and for posing in photos for the purposes of Wasulu London web store and other media.